Initiatives & Tools


Before lunch, we discussed a number of initiatives and tools that are emerging in digital preservation. I’m just going to list a few right now because there are so many.

UK Initiatives

JISC – Funding body
AHDS – Arts and Humanities Data Service
DPC – Digital Preservation Coalition (course organisers)
DCC – Digital Curation Centre. Courses, conferences, online forum, specifically interested in curatorial issues.
UKOLN – Advisory service
UKDA – UK Data Archive
NDAD – The National Digital Archive of Datasets
UKWAC – UK Web Archving Consortium
TNA – The National Archives

Non-UK Initiatives

NARA – Electronic Records Archive (USA) Project with $300m funding
National Archives of Australia Digital Preservation Service
PADI – National Library of Australia’s subject gateway to international digital preservation resources
ECPA – The European Commission on Preservation and Access
RLG – Research Libraries Group
Library of Congress Digital Preservation
ERPANET – Electronic Resource Preservation and Access Network

Tools (these were all demonstrated and very interesting – I think we could use one or two of them. And they are all open source and written in Java which Merlin’s Team have expertise in).

PRONOM/DROID – PRONOM is a file format registry at The National Archives. DROID is a tool which works in conjunction with PRONOM.
JHOVE – Validates digital files and extracts preservation metadata. Very cool. Really!
National Library of New Zealand Metadata Extraction Tool
XENA – XML Electronic Normalisinig of Archives


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