Real life OAIS


Woke at 6.30, disorientated by furious bird song. I am more used to a furious John Humphreys waking me in the morning.

Following on from yesterday’s introduction to the OAIS standard, we’ve just been discussing how the standard has been implemented at the ADS. Very useful to hear from a relatively small archive how they have tested basic compliance with the standard. The class followed the ‘digital pipeline’ of Submission Information Package (SIP), Archive Information Package (AIP) and Dissemination Information Package (DIP). More traditionally known as Deposit, Preservation and Access.

I’ve tried doing a similar exercise for AVR/ADAM in the past and was again reassured that our current situation is getting close to compliant in the broadest sense and that ADAM v2.0 should be pretty much there. The auditing features being implemented in ADAM v1.2 are important as is the new Upload/Submission interface we’re developing for AI Teams. The discussion reminded me that there’s a few more things to include in the services ADAM provides but nothing that should give Merlin, Damon and co. too much of a headache.


One Response to “Real life OAIS”

  1. Noel Treacy Says:

    This may help you with the dawn chorus Joss|NO|ALPHANUM
    (from the British Library Sound Archive)

    and watch out for Blackbirds imitating modems (as featured on this morning’s Today programme)

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