Arrival: The desperate hunt for a broadband connection.


Arrived in Birmingham at 11am and then a short hop to the University by 11.30. Immediately looked for a fixed network connection after realising on the train that the laptop has had its built-in wireless card ‘disabled’! Is there no escape from ITP’s iron grip? 😉

After throwing the poor ‘Conference Park’ staff into DEFCON 2, I was shown a hole in the wall that looked promising and then left alone in the room to do my business. The laptop didn’t like it however and complained of a weak connection. Essentially, I was knocking on the door of the University’s network and being told to sod off.

Next, I found a sympathetic conference attendee with a working wireless connection and he offered to download the necessary drivers to get the wireless card working. The joy in my heart must have been obvious as he got straight to work. However, the 50MB download failed at 95% and he has been otherwise occupied since then, so as I write (on Notepad), it’s looking like I’ve been thrown back three years to a dial-up modem. Knocked down but not yet defeated though.

After a light lunch, there was an introductory session.

20:25 UPDATE! I am wireless! The Man delivered the drivers on a CD-R in the bar (where the best wireless connection may be found). I feel whole again.


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